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Pacific Epiphyllum Nursery is family owned and operated nursery, we are located in the San Gabriel Valley of California. We have grown Epi's for over 30 years and started the nursery in 2002 out of a passion for growing Epiphyllums. Since then we have been leaders in the way Epiphyllum plants are now grown and sold

We pride ourselves in offering our customers"Best in Class" plants and customer service

Our motto "IF WE GROW IT, SO CAN YOU!" is something we live by, our plants are grown just as you would grow them at home

  • We will never grow our plants grafted onto Opuntia Cactus
  • We will never use trick fertilizers that produce unnatural growth
  • We will never misrepresent the way a plant grows just to make a sale
  • We will always work to find better ways to grow Epi's so you don't have to


"The only difference between a professional grower and you is I've killed more plants"

Chris Welcher - Owner




Our mission is to provide the Epiphyllum community with high quality plants and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to be "Best in class" in every aspect of our daily operations. We strive to further the Epiphyllum community by providing quality and reliable information with an accurate representation of the product we sell

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