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Epiphyllum growth issues die back


Although branch die back can be a natural part of Epiphyllum growth it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your plants root system. Some varieties are also prone to more extensive die back than what is considered normal.

Natural die back occurs when branches become old and no longer useful to the plant. When this occurs simply snip the branch from the plant and discard.

When die back is accompanied with any of the following: High insect populations, yellowing branches, more than one or two dehydrated branches or overall poor plant health, we recommend trimming off any bad branches and re-potting your plant in fresh soil. Check for rotted roots which are a sign of poor soil drainage. Trim off any bad roots before re-potting.

In some Epi varieties die back occurs more than normal and has no real cause to point too. Although frustrating to grow there is no cure and is something that has to be tolerated to grow that particular variety. In our plant descriptions we note any plant that has this trait.

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