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Epiphyllum growth issues sun burn

Full sun exposure can harm your Epiphyllum in as little as 10 minutes of noon day sun. Evidence from over exposure can be instant in the case of sunburns or it can take weeks for the effects of to much sun to become noticeable.



Mild sun exposure – Branches that are normally lush green turn red. (not to be confused with varieties that have natural red pigments in their branches) This condition tends to develop over time when plants are given more light than they prefer.

Usually harmless, moving your plant to more shade normally corrects the problem.



Medium sun exposure – Branches start to turn red and have a dry appearance to them. In some cases the outer edge of the branches will dry up completely.

 This condition tends to develop when plants are exposed to the late morning or late afternoon sun.

 Usually harmless, moving your plant to more shade normally corrects the problem. Trim off any branches that show signs of drying at the edges.



Full sun exposure – Branches are sunburned and show signs of scalding. This occurs when plants are exposed to direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

 Very harmful, sunburn can kill your plant. Move the plant to a shady area and cut off any burnt, scalded, or yellowing branches. Watch the plant for several weeks to see if it will recover. If there are signs that it is getting worse make cuttings of any green growth and re-pot.




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