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Epiphyllum pests scale



Scale: Armored scale is one of the most prevalent insects that attack Epiphyllum. They attach themselves to branches and form a hard shell for protection while they feed. Large infestations can cause yellowing of branches and complete death to your Epiphyllum plants.


Solution: Scale is best treated when they are in the crawling stage therefore treatment should be given every 5- 7 days until insects are no longer present. Also be sure to treat your plant just under the soil line as well.

Light infestations can be sprayed with a solution of 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% water to this you will need to add 4-5 drops of liquid dish detergent per quart of spray.

Medium infestations can be treated in the same manner but in addition to spraying we suggest using a soft bristled tooth brush to dislodge any of the scale already present.

Heavy infestations should be treated by first cleaning your plants of attached scale and removing any branches that have turned yellow due to the infestation. This can be done by using a high powered hose end garden sprayer and spraying the scale off of your plants with water. Care should be taken to not damage any young branches. After cleaning is done spray your plants with an insecticide soap every 5- 7 days until all insects are no longer present. A systemic insecticide may also be needed to treat heavy infestations. (follow manufactures directions for application rates). Light Horticultural oil is also very affective against scale but it is becoming very hard to find for the home gardener (CAUTION: Neem oil is too heavy for Epiphyllums and may cause damage to your plants)        



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