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Epiphyllum pests snails



Snails: Snails are without a doubt the most destructive pests you will come across while growing Epiphyllum. Just one or two snails can decimate an entire plant in one night.


Solution: Any over the counter snail bait can be used, regular application is the key. Sprinkle bait all around the base of your plants and around any area snails can use to crawl up to your plants. For those of you with small children or animals there are now many varieties of pet safe snail bates on the market, we have found the ones using ‘iron Phosphate’ to be very affective.


In California: Biological control of the brown garden snail can be had by releasing ‘Decollate’ predatory snails into your yard. Caution: Predatory snails have a food chain they follow; brown snails, rotting organic matter and then young tender seedlings. It is possible if they run out of food sources that they will eat the tender growth of new branches.

For other states check with your local agricultural department to see if predatory snails are allowed in your area

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