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Epiphyllum pests spider mites


Spider mites: Spider mites are one of the hardest to battle insects that will attack Epiphyllum plants. They multiply extremely quickly, with the right weather conditions a full blown infestation can occur in just days.


Solution: Early detection and constant control is thebest way to battle spider mites. Once webs appear it is often too late to save your plant.

If spider mites are suspected tap your plant or branches over a piece of white paper, if mites are present you will see very tiny red dots on the paper. Spider mites are slow movers so you will not see them scurry away like a normal spider.

We recommend going straight to you local garden center and purchasing a miticide or insecticidal soap specifically formulated to kill spider mites. When spraying your plants it is imperative that you spray every inch of your plant making sure you get under each branch. One treatment is never enough to kill spider mites, be vigilant: inspect and treat every 3-5 days. Once mites are no longer present continue treatment every 2 weeks for 1 month.


Biological control of spider mites can be obtained by releasing Ladybugs or lacewings at the bottom of your infested plants at dusk. Also the use of predatory mites (Phytoseiulus spp., Amblyseius spp., or Metaseiulus spp.) can be affective. Biological controls are most affective when used early before the spider mites have become well established.

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