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Blushing Star

Blushing Star

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Registered in 2002 by Evelyn Shiraki, BLUSHING STAR is one of the very few Epiphyllum blooms that are long lasting. On the plant we have blooms last 4-5 days, off the plant blooms can last for 2- 3 days before collapsing. Inner petals are a medium pink with just a slight rose overcast. Outer petals are a slightly darker pink with a stronger rose overcast. With each passing day this Extra Large (9+ inches) bloom will darken with the rose coloring becoming more pronounced.


When established, the plant has basket growth with 1 – 3 inches wide flat branches.  On average the branches grow 2 - 3 feet per year. We recommend this Epi variety for every level of grower.




Each Epiphyllum is rooted in a 4” pot and has been growing for 1 to 3 seasons. We insure each plant is well rooted and most are ready for transplanting into bigger pots.

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